Windy City Championships

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Aug 10th: Four Lakes in Lisle
  The End-of-Summer
  Beach Volleyball Tourney          
and Sideout Foundation Fundraiser
Open Divisions:
Girls 12, 14 & 16u
Team Fee: $60


Bid winners from our Qualifier events
receive Priority Registration
Bid winners who enter will receive
Jimmy Johns $10 Gift Certificates
General Registration opens Monday 8/5 
Who Qualifies for a Bid?
The top 4 teams per division* from
the Chicago AAU Beach Ball tourneys will receive bids a priority registration

*(For 14u, only Open Division winners receive bids)

The Qualifying Tourneys:


June 27
July 4
July 11
July 18
July 25
Aug 1

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
Winners receive our golden monster trophy



Windy City
  Smaller trophies for 2nd;
Medals for 3rd & 4th
Special Substitution Rule for Bid Winners:  If one of the team's players is unable to participate for any reason (injury, another commitment, etc.), that player may be replaced with a qualified substitute.  A qualified substitute is a player who participated in at least one of this year's qualifying WCC tourneys.  If a bid team splits, each player is entitled to enter their own team with notice to the administrator (and before general registration opens).
Local Beach Rules Apply. 
To Enter, click on the sign-up button
Bid winners have priority registration.
Open registration begins on Monday the week of this event.

Special WCC FAQ'S
Tourney Issues:
Q. Our High School practice begins that week.  Can we still participate in the WCC tourney.

A. Be sure to check with your high school coach to assure there's no eligibility nor practice conflicts.  And IHSA rule 3.106 states:

To be eligible for a school team in a given sport, students must cease non-school practice and competition in that sport no later than seven (7) days after the date on which the school team engages in its first practice or tryout in that sport. (link)

Q. My daughter qualified in the 14U on two teams.  Can she play on both teams?
A. No.  But using the substitution rule, both teams can participate.
Q. My daughter qualified in the 14 & 16U divisions.  Can she play in both divisions on the same day?
A. No.  There will be scheduling conflicts.  Players could play on only one team per tourney.  But again, the substitution allow would allow both teams to play.

2019 Financial Report
(Fundraiser for the Sideout Foundation)
Team Fee Donation:

30% team fee donation: $684
   (38 teams x $60:  $2280)

Raffle Fundraiser: $310

Beach Club Donation: $1006

Sideout Donation: $2000


Our fundraising activity is profiled on
the Sideout Website
To read the article,
Our office hours are Monday - Thursday, 9 - 5
(Communication is only through email)
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  1stPlace 16u, 2017
1stPlace 14u, 2017
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