Windy City Championships

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2017 Tourney Results
Windy City Championships
August 5/6, Lisle, IL
Girls 12u Open

1st: Zeller/Rossing

2nd: Conroy/Jasica

3rd: Olds/Valera

4th: Kenny/Heatherly

Girls 14u Open

1st: Cornejo/May

2nd: Schara/Martin

3rd: Cuchran/Nedic

4th: Donzelli/Itzenhuiser



Girls 16u Open

1st: Garland/Hinchman

2nd: Esk/Seney

3rd: Dir/Lois

4th: McPherson/McPherson

Girls 18u Open

1st: Vandehei/Lambillotte

2nd: Eske/Levene

3rd: Perrault/Alden

4th: Moonen/Koke


Aug 11 & 12th, 2018

at Four Lakes in Lisle

  Chicago's Best Female
Beach v-ball Players

will compete in our region's annual
Beach Volleyball Festival

This 1-Day Tourney

will be followed by a fun and exciting

Afternoon Cookout &
awards banquet, from 3 - 6


Sat. 8/11: Girls 16 & 18U

Sun. 8/12: Girls 12 & 14U

Team Fee: $85


Includes dinner for 4 (per athlete)


This is an "Invitation Only" event
 Who Qualifies for a Bid?
The top 4 teams per division* from
specially designated qualifying tourneys will receive invitations/bids

*(For AAU events, only Open Division winners receive bids)

hosted by the AAU

The 2018 Qualifying Tourneys:

(tentative dates & locations)

June 16
June 23
June 30
July 7
July 14
July 21
July 28
August 4

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Four Lakes
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
N Ave Beach
Winners receive our golden monster trophy



Windy City
  Smaller trophies for 2nd;
Medals for 3rd & 4th
Registration Information
Qualified Teams will be issued a registration info sheet
at the qualifying tourney containing entry information.

Registration is 1st come, 1st served, among bid winners,
with a firm deadline of Tuesday, August 1st.

If your team qualified, or a standby, but did not receive the info sheet,
please fill out the below form to obtain registration instructions.

Special Substitution Rule:  If one of the team's players is unable to participate for any reason (injury, another commitment, etc.), that player may be replaced with a qualified substitute.  A qualified substitute is a player who participated in at least one of this year's qualifying tourneys.  Note, only one substitution per team.
Local AAU Beach Rules Apply. 

Special WCC FAQ'S
Tourney Issues:
Q. My daughter qualified in the 14U on two teams.  Can she play on both teams?
A. Sorry, but no.  She could only play on one team due to potential scheduling conflicts.  (One team per day – see the below question.)  But remember, teams can bring out qualified substitutes (our substitution rule is explained, above).  So, if using a sub, both teams can participate.
Q. My daughter qualified in the 14 & 16U divisions.  Can she play in both tourneys?
A. Sure.  These two divisions are being run on separate days, so there’s no scheduling conflicts.
Cookout Issues:
Q. Is this fancy or casual?
A. Casual.  It will be a cookout near the courts.  No need to change clothers.
Do we need to stay for the cookout?  And if we don’t attend, will we receive a partial refund?
For those that don't make the playoffs, the tourney ends at around 1:30 - 2.  So the 1st part of the question is, what to do during the down time?

I'm hoping participants will stay and watch the playoffs.  Of course, you could always leave (leave & come back after a shower?). 

As for a partial refund for those that don't attend the dinner?  No, that's part of the tourney fee.  But I hope you stay. 

The cookout is an awards banquet.  For t
he top 4 teams, it's a little group recognition of their accomplishments.  And the cookout is a great opportunity to socialize with others who fall within this special class of top athletes from our beach v-ball community.

2017 Financial Report
(Profits donated to the Sideout Foundation)
56 teams x $85:  4760
Raffle: $145

Total Income: $4905

2 day court rental: $2000
2 day dinner fee: $2000
Athletico, 2 days: $560
Insurance: 0
Director's Pay: T-shirts & verbal abuse
Prizes: The Beach Club Donated the prizes

Total Expenses: $4560

Net Profit: $345

The Beach Club made a matching donation: $345

WCC Donation to the Sideout Foundation: $690

Contact us
Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 9 - 5
The 2018 Event
will be held at:
Four Lakes in Lisle
5757 Lakeside Dr
Lisle, IL 60532
WCC Tourney Flyer
  1stPlace 16u, 2017
1stPlace 14u, 2017
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